DISCO 2000

Disco 2000 is a collection that was born in confinement, when I would once again encounter my musical and aesthetical references of the period while browsing photos of my adolescence. This 2021 collection is inspired by old photos, concert tickets and folders covered with snapshots of singers of bands from the Britpop movement.
Oasis, Blur and Pulp ruled my life at the time, and anything their singers wore was what we looked for in our local vintage shops… windbreakers, seventies blazers, sweatshirts and straight trousers were our uniform.

In this new collection we have used wool fabrics in coloured checks, recycled polyester windbreakers, tulle, lace with both classic and school-inspired cuts and more voluminous dresses representing the singers who shared the stage with them… Kurtney, with her lingerie and baby doll dresses, or Candida Mary Doyle with her revision of the Mod aesthetic.