Doble Vida

Doble Vida (Double Life) is a personal collection based in the moment that many of us young designers are going through now.

With a good acceptance by the press, the public, and the institutions within the world of fashion, but limited by an almost non-existing market, we end up accepting all kinds of jobs that distract us from what is our real job. Office jobs, designing for other brands or collaborations make us work more than 12 hours a day. On the other hand, we continue being invited to social events and featured in the media as the «new generation».

A dual life between your creativity and a reality that does not usually lasts beyond ten years. As a representation of this ‘Doble Vida’ (Double Life), we split the collection into two parts: one in purely black and white shades with fits inspired by office attires. And another, in pastel tones, glitter, fantasy and more voluminous shapes. Wool, fur, lace, cotton, and silk are the fabrics of this collection connected by a seventies aesthetic and a sad mood. Reflecting thus the exhausting scene that we represent.